April 29, 2007

Badges, tapes, and videotapes to spread our message

Two great badges, one in English, the other one in arabic will soon be available.
Another opportunity to spread our message will be to propose tapes and videotapes in English and in Arabic. Numerous issues will be touched such as "How to be a good Muslim in a Western democracy", "the importance of education", "Being a Muslim in the 21th century", "Islam and terrorism", "Respect of other cultures: why the Dhimmi status is not acceptable?", "Practice Ramadan", "the Muslim Brothers: worldwide terrorist network", "the Muslim Brothers taqiyya", "Multi-cultural family", "Urban life", "History of Islam: be proud of our great religion", "the Ottoman Caliphate." More will come.
Tapes will consist of a one hour discussion between an Imam and a member of the Muslim Brothers Disclosed. For some subjects, the Imam will speak the whole hour without any intervention from us.
Tapes and videotapes will be available for free if you can download them. We will also product some tapes, and will provide you with an adress to order them. Tapes will be free of charge.
Share our message of peace throughout your community.

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