April 22, 2007

Tariq Ramadan is at the forefront of Europe's Islamization

Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Al-Banna (the creator of the Mulsim Brothers), is a propagandist that used the double discourse: Taqiyya. His father was at the head of the movement for Europe. He denied being a member of the religious movement, even if he claims that he accepts the heritage of the Muslim Brothers.
Scholars reject his explanations.

He wants to Islamize Europe, notably through the pressure of Muslims.
Numerous books and articles are underlining his scheme.
Among others, one should read:

Faut-il faire taire Tariq Ramadan ?, Aziz Zemouri
Frère Tariq : Discours, stratégie et méthode de Tariq Ramadan, Caroline Fourest;
Le sabre et le coran, Tariq Ramadan et les frères musulmans à la conquéte de l'Europe,
Paul Landau, 2005,
Lionel Favrot : Tariq Ramadan dévoilé - Lyon Mag'.
Jack-Alain Léger, Tartuffe fait Ramadan, Denoël, 2003,
À contre CORAN, Jack-Alain Léger, mars 2004, « Hors de moi », éditions HC

Who is Tariq Ramadan?

In the Guardian, Tariq Ramadan, a Muslim preacher and advocate, has condemned the London attack of 7th July, as indeed he did 9/11 and the attack on Madrid. But even as he spoke of these attacks he expressed doubts that they were caused by Islamist groups. We have reason to doubt his good faith.

We have reason because here in France where he is in the limelight, he says one thing in public and something entirely different to his followers. A website of his partisans, Mejliss.com, is actually full of messages approving the London attacks, arguing that it was the fault of the British. Some messages even claim that the attacks were perpetrated by a Zionist conspiracy against Muslims. Is Mr Ramadan, a model among internauts, involved in it? Not if you listen to the numerous interviews he gives, very politely, to the western press. Yes, if you study his books ands tapes selling in Islamist bookshops, as I did for nine months.

Although many intellectuals, among them Arabs and Muslims, have been warning against his influence for the past 15 years, there have always been others, more often than not western progressives, who have been tricked by his duplicity to the point of taking his side. Particularly so, of course, when he claims to be a victim of "Islamophobia" or a Zionist conspiracy. But in France, several books have now shown that Tariq Ramadan is guilty of "doublespeak": a speciality of Muslim extremists called taqiyya: the use of apparently moderate language outside (with non Moslems) while continuing to use extremely radical language inside (with Moslems). It is Tariq Ramadan's favorite sport. Under cover of an apparently moderate and peaceful discourse, this preacher has been converting a growing number of Moslems to radical political Islam.

For example, he calls himself "reformist" leading certain journalists present him as the “Martin Luther King of Islam", but his kind of fundamentalist reformism is closer to Jerry Falwell than Luther King. He calls himself the partisan of an "Islamic feminism" but forgets to mention that this involves opposing Western feminism point by point. His feminism leads young girls under his influence to veil themselves. He hates being reminded that he is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Moslem Brotherhood, the doctrinal matrix which inspires all Islamists, including the most radical, such as the Hamas and al Zawahiri, yet he himself gives courses on his grandfather as “one of the greatest reformists of this century" in his cassettes and books (sold in tens of thousands of copies in Europe).

In Muslim circles, he is known not only as the deserving political heir of his grandfather but also of his father, Saïd Ramadan, the founder of the Islamic Center of Geneva, from which vantage point he coordinated the international branch of the Moslem Brothers until his death. Suspected of having succeeded to his father’s position, Tariq Ramadan was forbidden to stay in France from 1995 to 1996. Only outside the Moslem community does he deny any organic link with the Moslem Brotherhood (as do 90 % of the activists of this essentially secret organization). Nevertheless, within the Moslem community, he clearly claims the ideology of the Brotherhood. Furthermore, he remains an administrator of the Islamic Center of Geneva, the Brothers’ European Center, frequently accused of links with terrorists and placed on the list of organizations suspected of having helped finance Al Qaïda. Faced with these charges, Ramadan presents himself as a peacemaker. Nevertheless the theological references he gives to his partisans are none other than those of the star theologian of the Moslem Brothers, Youssef-al-Qaradhawi, the only Moslem dignitary to have dared proclaim a fatwa authorizing kamikaze attacks! Tariq Ramadan and Qaradawhi regularly give lectures together. All this of course is known to the American authorities who revoked his US visa by decision of the Homeland Security Department.

Tariq Ramadan openly supports Hamas as a “resistance” movement. When he’s asked whether he approves of the killing of an 8-year-old Israeli child, he answers: “That act in itself is morally condemnable but contextually explicable” because the child will grow up to be a soldier. True to the Muslim Brotherhood’s new orientation, Tariq Ramadan has pronounced the West to be “dar el shaada,” the land where he is to undertake his religious mission. He takes advantage of his charisma to tell young women that a good Muslim should be prudish, and hence veiled; to describe homosexuality as a “mental imbalance”; to justify polygamy, and to discourage mixed marriage between Muslims and non-Muslims.

There are liberal Muslims who really were shocked by what happened in London and who fight, day after day, against radical Islam. But Mister Tariq Ramadan is not one of them. To cast him in this role instead of the real liberal Muslims is dangerous and a course that Britain should avoid at all costs. The British need reconciliation and to fight together against not just terrorism but religious radicalism.

Caroline Fourest
Activist, feminist and specialist in religious extremist movements, Caroline Fourest has published an in-depth analysis of the books, tapes and speeches of Tariq Ramadan ( Frère Tariq. Grasset), not yet translated into English. Frère Tariq : Discours, stratégie et méthode de Tariq Ramadan

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