April 17, 2007


The Muslim Brothers are for an Islamic government (radical) but would like to achieve this Islamic society by peaceful means. On this basis, the movement is considered radical-moderate. How is it possible to evaluate the degree of moderation of this movement?

Moderate Muslims face a cruel choice. They can either suffer corrupt and oppressive regimes or they can support groups that advocate violence. There is very little middle ground between the two extremes. Is there really a difference between a moderate and a radical, when both want an Islamic society based on the Shari`a? Furthermore, the MB do not want to establish a Muslim society in Egypt only, but wherever Muslim are predominant in a first time, and on a longer term basis, where their number is rapidly growing such as in Europe. Their dream is a gigantic Umma. The last step in the Muslim Brothers’ chain is "mastering the world with Islam.”

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